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Trip Planning


We are dedicated to making our research visible and relevant to the broader community. In addition to doing state-of-the-art academic research, we are making an extra effort to turn our research findings into easily digestible story maps for public consumption and dissemination. Below are some of the story maps that came out of our past and current research from the HARP Lab. 

Age-Friendly Cities and Communities (AFCC) Interventions Around the World

Over the past several decades, there have been increased attention on creating supportive environments for older people to live healthy and actively. This movement, spearheaded by the World Health Organization (WHO), is called "Age-Friendly Cities and Communities."

These initiatives explore synergies among improving the physical environment of neighborhoods, transportation, and housing; increasing respect, social inclusion, and community participation; and investing in public services. 


Many of the AFCC initiatives have contributed to the social and health outcomes of older adults, leading changes at the forefront of age-friendly city design and planning.


As part of our scoping review of age-friendly interventions, we have begun to document some of the most promising AFCC interventions around the world.

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