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COVID-19 Photovoice Project

From Sheltered in Place to Thriving in Place: Dimensions of Aging in the ‘Right’ Place during the Pandemic

This study utilizes photovoice to identify environmental factors that help older adults successfully age in place through the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic. A cohort of community-dwelling older adults was recruited to take photos and described significant aspects of everyday living environments. The data draws from ‘lived experiences’ of older adults, and provides insights on adaptations to aging in place through the pandemic that contribute to a sense of thriving.

“I’m not ready to acquiesce to other people’s notions about being old. . .and being in the right place means you don’t have to do that. Now, the right place, as long as it’s workable, by whatever means, is essential. Aging in place needs, for one thing, endurance...” – Participant

Funding Source: University of Utah Vice President for Research – Faculty Seed Grant Initiatives (Scholarship Incentive Program)
Primary Investigator: Assistant Professor Valerie Greer
Co-Primary Investigators: Associate Professor Jim Agutter, Associate Professor Sarah Canham, Assistant Professor Ivis Garcia, Assistant Professor Andy Hong

If you are an undergraduate student interested in summer research, contact me at and apply to the SPUR project by January 28, 2024.

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