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Center on Aging Innovations Grant

Creation of HARP Lab

By aligning and synergizing the existing efforts and investments in creating the HARP Lab, our vision is to have the University of Utah be a leader in healthy aging and resilient places research and training excellence. With support from the Innovations Award from the Center on Aging, the HARP Lab aims to create a healthy aging and resilient places research network and community of practice (CoP) at the University of Utah that will collaborate through quarterly workshops and annual symposia to build capacity, exchange knowledge, and generate novel interdisciplinary research ideas that are responsive to community and patient needs. The HARP Lab will support the development of multiple competitive interdisciplinary multi-PI funding proposals related to HARP’s three thematic areas: aging, health, and resilient places. We will focus on translational research that has the potential to improve clinical practice and service provision to older adults by working directly with community partners.

University of Utah Center on Aging website:

If you are an undergraduate student interested in summer research, contact me at and apply to the SPUR project by January 28, 2024.

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